The Newhaven Stravaig

The Scots word “Stravaig” may be new to some.  It means to wander or stroll wherever your fancy takes you.

There are 24 key points along the route — we call them Route Stops — where you will find a QR code.  Using your smartphone, you will connect to a page with information and photos of that area as it used to be.  Ancillary webpages called Side Tracks, which you may want to read, dedicated to that particular location can be accessed by using the navigation bar below the main title of each page.  The Newhaven Heritage Button on the top left will take you back to the Welcome page.

What do you need before you begin Newhaven’s Stravaig Through Time?  A QR code reader.  Many smartphones have them already or you can download a QR code reader from the App Store on your phone or tablet.  This is a free application which allows you to read the QR code for each sign.  The QR code will then access the appropriate information located on our dedicated website,

For this initial period, the only way that the information can be uncovered is to walk to the next poster, and then the next, and so on.  It doesn’t all have to be done on a single day of course.

We hope you have fun while you learn about Newhaven.

2_3108LR A popular postcard of the time featuring a hand-tinted studio portrait of a fishwife carrying the creel.


The information on these Stroll Through History pages was sourced mainly from the seminal work, “Newhaven,  Port of Grace” by Tom McGowran, Chris Garner’s authoritative social history based on many interviews of the period from the end of fishing from Newhaven through to the end of Newhaven itself as it used to be, “Newhaven: A Scottish Fishing Community 1928 – 1978”, Jim Park’s personal recollections of his childhood years in the village in the 1920s and 30s, “Newhaven-on-Forth: My Story of the Living Village” and an authorative dissertation by Asa James Swan from the University of Kentucky, USA called “Twilight of Newhaven” which can be Googled.


The work of gathering people’s memories continues.  On each page, there is a “CONTRIBUTE” button which links to our Archives Dept and all are cordially invited to use it to relate your family stories about Newhaven of old or correct or add to one of the Stravaig pages. 

There is also a button should you wish to join us as a “VOLUNTEER”.  If you have a particular skill that you feel would augment our efforts, do please let us know.

Finally, if you would like to support the work of Newhaven Heritage to to help preserve, protect and promote the village’s past, please use the “DONATIONS”.  You may wish to consider Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer.  The Government will add 25% to your donation by doing so.