The Building

— #01 Fishmarket

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3_2021:  The main entrance into the Market was at the southern end (Pier Place).  The salesmens’ offices were just inside.  Courtesy of The Liston Legacy

3_2067:  The fishmarket floor was raised and the sides had roller shutters so that loading boxes on to the buyers’ carts or lorries was made easier. Courtesy of The Liston Legacy

3_2033:   The fishmarket had been built on a peninsular piece of reclaimed land so that small boats could offload beside it.  Courtesy of The Liston Legacy

Stained Glass in the Fishmarket

The Victorians would invest time and money to adorn even a vernacular building like a fish market.  Such it was in Newhaven where a series of stained glass fanlights adorned the windows above some of the shutters Now all are gone but Welch the Fishmongers has replicas of some of the panels above their entrances as a homage to the original sales hall.