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— #02 The Hally

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A hive of industry

In the 1930s a large fence was erected around the beach and scrubland area by Leith Dock Commission, the predecessor to the Forth Ports Authority,  It stretched from the Fishmarket to Anchorfield.

According to Newhaven’s last working fishwife, Esther Liston, “The Hally belonged to the fishermen and they used to pull their boats up there.  If they had only left just one boat there, it would still have belonged to the Free Fishers but there wisnae a boat there and that’s how the Leith Dock Commission could take it.  . . . Now it’s a’ concrete.”

Can you help?

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List of Businesses in The Hally

1 Howff
2 R. Lyle
3 R. Lyle
4 Johnston’s
5 Johnston’s
6 unidentified
7 Muirhead’s
8 Unidentified
9 Unidentified
10 Unidentified
11 Unidentified
12 Unidentified
13 Unidentified
14 Unidentified
15 Fishmarket
16 Men’s Latrine
17 Carnie’s Contractors
18 Unidentified
19 Wm Liston Ltd Netmaking
20 Yard
21 Dow’s Gutting Yard
22 Unidentified
23 Unidentified
24 Unidentified
25 Dawson’s Kippering Yard
26 Dow’s Kipper Yard
27 R Croan’s Kippering Yard
28 R Croan’s Gate
29 Unidentified
30 Dryburgh’s Garage
31 Unidentified
32 Unidentified
33 T Smith’s Garage
34 Carnie’s Net Store
35 Unidentified
36 Joe Croan’s Yard
37 Unidentified
38 Unidentified
39 T Kelly & Sons Kippering Yards
40 Unidentified
41 R Brand Garages and Stables
42 Unidentified
43 Unidentified