James Street

— #12 Newhaven's Back Streets

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Named After A King

It will come as no surprise to the knowledgeable Stravaiger that James Street was named in honour of the founder of Newhaven, King James IV of Scotland. There were, in fact, two James Streets, each consisting of two-storey houses with balconies running most of the length of their upper storeys.

3_6161 James Street was at the far end of Willowbank Row, the start of which can be seen just beyond the parked car. A third row of houses, still named James Street, ran behind the row on the right of this picture.

Less Congested Dwellings

In all there were 49 two-room houses with the “luxury” of their own toilets and a tenement block, No 50.  

In all, the Voters Roll listed 140 adults over the age of 21 living in the 61 dwellings thereby indicating less congested living quarters than some other Newhaven back streets. 

3_6150 The rear section of James Street showing the outside sheds belonging to the properties opposite. These were used as coal cellars and general storage such as for fishing lines and accessories.