Victoria Place

— #12 Newhaven Back Streets

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Built early in the reign of Queen Victoria, Victoria Place was an enclosed cul-de-sac running parallel to Newhaven Main St and with the Whale Brae at its eastern end.  Access was via a small lane or pend, as these are known in Scotland, between house numbers 67/67A and 68/69 Main Street.  

Like James Street, the population density would appear to have been less crowded than their neighbours to their rear in Willowbank Row.  The Electoral Roll shows 60 people living in Victoria Place’s 24 dwellings.

3_6144 Two housewives catch up with the local news in Victoria Place. The houses of Whale Brae are in the background.

Coffin Lane

Between house numbers 15/16 and 17/18 Victoria Place was a very narrow lane known locally as Coffin Lane for the obvious reason that this was the shortest route for undertakers to transport a coffin from Willowbank Row to a waiting hearse on Main Street.

3_6148 Victoria Place — some of the houses were accessed by forestairs