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— #14 Fishmarket Square

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3_7023 In this 1971 photo the demolition of the tall 4-storey buildings on Main Street which wraps around the corner of St Andrew's Square is soon to take place.. The houses on south side of Newhaven Main Street have already gone.

A Victorian four-storey red sandstone building with a curved corner at the Main Street end, was demolished in the 1970s.  There had been a dairy and a draper’s shop at ground floor level of this building.  A new three storey housing block with timber forestair adjoining the earlier buildings replaced it.

At ground floor level centrally in this terrace, there was once another bar, The Ship Inn Bar. Access to some of the houses in this block is from a lane at the rear.  A timber-lined Ice House once stood at the north end of this terrace but this was removed when Lindsay Road was extended to Pier Place.

In keeping with the Newhaven vernacular, the new and renovated buildings of this block also have harled walls and pantile roofs.

In 1971, a comprehensive plan was prepared by Ian Lindsay and Partners for the north side. This plan is acknowledged as being a pioneering attempt to conserve an entire fishing village. It has been described as “a substantial project with a clear philosophy, it contrasts with more recent restoration attempts and thus, illustrates the differing and developing attitudes towards conservation”.  The subsequent refurbishment of this area has been basically carried out following these principles.

3_8024 The rear of Fishmarket Sq under construction in a vernacular style.