Lamb's Court

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Central to the Village

Lamb’s Court comprises narrow lanes leading from Main Street on the south alongside the Old Burial Ground to a wider central court and thence to Pier Place on the north.

Originally Lamb’s Court was known as School Lane. This was where, in the early 16th century, the Free Fishermen’s Society had Newhaven’s first school built. After 200 years, however, it had become so decrepit that in 1817 its foundations were taken down and a new school was built on ground where the Free Fishermen’s Hall, now a house, stands.

Very soon this building proved too small and in 1877 it was demolished when Victoria School was built. A third school, the Madras School was built immediately behind Newhaven Church. At one time, there were five schools in the village but gradually all were amalgamated into Victoria School.

The houses of Lamb’s Court have been developed and upgraded over the years but the use of traditional materials and style with forestairs has been maintained. The central court is wider than it once was because of the demolition of earlier buildings such as the old schoolhouse.

Lamb's Court today.

At the north entrance to Lamb’s Court on Pier Place a tall stone Barometer case dating from 1775 and a notice board is located. This was built into an 1868 category B listed 3-storey building, 4 Pier Place, where a Fishermen’s clock was inset into a central pediment at roof level.

The Barometer had once been located at the domed housing on the former St Andrews Square (now Fishmarket Square) but in 1900 it was re-erected here with word carvings added.

3_7005 The barometer case from 1775 was relocated onto the house at 4 Pier Place.

In recent times, a new door and weatherboard have been renovated by Men’s Shed of Leith.  A notice with a daily tidal time chart is now displayed in the notice board for the help of users of the still busy Newhaven Harbour and maintained by Newhaven Heritage.

Grateful thanks are exyended to Men's Sheds of Leith who refurbished the weatherboard.