War Memorials

— #22 Newhaven Church

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The list of war fatalities inscribed on the bronze plaque of the War Memorial sited in the vestibule of Newhaven Church Hall.  The plaque also lists the 130 members of the Newhaven-on-Forth congregation who also served.
The War Memorials inside the former Newhaven Parish Church before it was turned into flats
Newhaven Church WW1 Fatalities

Archibald Alvey
Capt Napier Armit MC
Thomas Balfour
William Banks
Corp. Thomas Cantley
Thomas Carnie
A. P. Cranford
Corpl. H  Douglas
Lieut. Stanley Gilbertson
James Grieve
Capt. A.T.R  Hamilton
Thomas C Hannan
Lieut. C Arnold Hunter
Walter King
D  Kilpatrick
J Linton
Fred  Miller
William McGrath
William Patterson
Robert Ramsay
A. L. Tough
Corpl James D Weir
Royal Scots
R.D , Fusiliers
Royal Scots
Royal Scots
Cameron Hdrs
Can. Scottish
Border Rect
Royal Scots
Scottish Horse
Mine Sweeper
Royal  Scots
Tank Corps

The WW1 Memorial (Newhaven Church) is now located just inside the foyer.

Two WW1 Memorial Boards orginally hung in St Andrew’s Church, one of them dedicated to the fallen of that congretion that served in the Army as designated with a sculpture of a soldier. 

Sculpted figure on one the two War Memorials in St Andrew's Church — Soldier

St Andrew's Congregation Members

George Jarvie G.H
John Jones      R.S
Robert Linton C.H
Robert Liston C.H
Andrew Mitchell C.H
Robt McDougall S.H
John McGeorge C.H
Sam McGeorge R.H
James McInnes H.L.I
Alex McKay Canada
James Nicol R.G.A
David Pottinger S.R
John Robertson R.F.A
Philip Ruthford R.S
Robt S Scarlett R.S
George Seaton R.S
W.V.Shaw S.G
James Sugden R.S
George Wilson W.S.F
James Wilson R.S
John Wilson R.S
Robert Wilson
James McIntyre
William Seaton


C.H. Cameron Highlanders
S.H. Seaforth Highlanders
H.L.I. Highland Light Infantry
G.H. Gordon Highlanders
R.S. Royal Scots
S.R. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery
S.G. Scots Guards
R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
R.H. Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)

The other Memorial Board was dedicated to the naval fatalities of World War One.

Sculpted figure on one the two War Memorials in St Andrew's Church — Fisherman

St Andrew's Congregation Members

Thomas  Flucker  R.N
James  Gordon R.N
Walter  King R.N.R
Alex Y Liston  R.N.R
John  Liston  R.N.R
Andrew  McIntyre  R.N.R
Thomas  Milne  R.N
John  Robertson R.N
Robt  Rutherford  R.N.R
Wm   M  Seaton  R.N.R
Neil  Tough  R.N.R
John  Walker R.N.R
Thomas  Alston R.S
William  Bain R.S
James  Borwick R.S
Alex  Cantley C.H
Thos  Cantley  S.R
James  Crawford  R.S
Robt J Davidson  C.H
David  Dryburgh  Can
George  Flucker R.S
John  Flucker R.S
Lawrence  Henry R.S
James  Herman  R.S
David  Hutchison R.H


R.N. Royal Navy                                      R.N.R. Royal Naval Reserve

There are a further two memorial boards elsewhere in the village, one on Newhaven Main Street at the foot of the Whale Brae on what are known as “The Pottinger Buildings” and a Roll of Honour inside Victoria school which lists former pupils that served in WW1 including those that were able to return from war.

War Memorial on the corner of Whale Brae and Main Street