St Andrew's Church Interior

— #23 St Andrew's Church

Overview Church Interior Dr James Fairbairn Hill and Adamson

The fine pulpit with organ pipes behind.  The galleries on both sides could seat a further 200 worshippers.  The stained glass window is stll in situ but has been covered over by a climbing wall.

St Andrew's pulpit and organ pipes.

St Andrew’s was also known as the Fishermen’s Kirk. The Harvest Festival was a significant service for the congregation; blessing the bountiful sea and praying for a successful year to come was spiritually important to Newhaveners.

St Andrew's set out for the Harvest Festival

St Andrew’s Church prepared for Harvest Sunday.  In the evening, the church choir would perform favourite hymns. Scottish psalms and paraphrases, and well known Sankey and Moody  hymns

As was common in the churches of Scotland, the donations of flowers, fruit and vegetables were distributed to the local needy.

Two fine sculpted figures, one of a fishermen and one of a soldier, were featured on plaques in the church’s interior.  These are now located in the Newhaven Church cafe area.

The War Memorials inside St Andrew's Church