A Picture Postcard

— #24 Newhaven Harbour

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More than a picturesque harbour

The postcards reproduced below are courtesy of the Ratcliffe Postcard Collection

DR-PC 007 The fish market was an open-air affair until a purpose-bullt building was constructed on reclaimed land adjacent to the Stone Pier.
DR-PC 046. Pier Place has changed little since this picture was taken. Most of the boats are still sail powered dating this picture to around 1900.
DR-PC 047 A hand-tinted photograph of a view over Newhaven Harbour towards St Andrew's Church and Pier Place.
DR-PC 048 The steeple was not added to St Andrew's Church until 1883. There are gaps along Pier Place where houses are yet to be built.
DR-PC 049 This picture was taken around the late 1920s or early 1930s. The buiilding on the far right of the image is Scales, a fish curing company. It was demolished during the period of Newhaven's redevelopment in the mid-to-late 60s.
DR-PC 055 A view across the harbour to the lighthouse. Tram tracks are clearly visible in the foreground.
DR-PC 057 Another view of the lighhouse, erected in 1878 and still an iconic presence on the north breakwater to this day.
DR-PC 058 Before the lighthouse and western breakwater were built, the beacon building marked the end of the single pier which existed in Newhaven for over 150 years.