Lighthouse and Beacon

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The Newhaven Harbour Lighthouse is a tapering cast-iron octagonal tower topped by an octagonal gallery and lantern. 

Category B listed, it was built after the earlier Newhaven Harbour east pier was extended and heightened in 1876. At that time, the old lighthouse – or Beacon – was decommissioned. The new lighthouse was built by James Dove & Company of Edinburgh and was first lit in 1878.

It ceased to be used after the Western Harbour Breakwater and the lighthouse at its far end came into use in 1942. In 2019, however, it was relit by its owners, Forth Ports, with coloured lighting as a feature to be enjoyed by all locals and visitors and to enhance the attractions of Newhaven Harbour.

Lighthouse built 1878 amd smaller Beacon built 1830

This cylindrical stone tower with a moulded cornice and topped by a concrete dome (replacing its original lantern) is also category B listed. It was built c.1830 at the end of Newhaven’s newly built single Stone Pier.

The beacon was originally surmounted by a brazier, an open fire in an iron basket. Such braziers were a very inefficient form of lighting. Later, they were enclosed by a lantern with a vented flue meant to carry away the  smoke. The coal fires needed constant feeding – whatever the weather!

This beacon was no longer needed once the new lighthouse was built and lit in 1878.

3_1576 Old Beacon Lighthouse marked the extent of the single stone pier